Open Your Heart To God

Welcome to the website for First Christian Church, Danville Kentucky. The fact that you are here indicates that you have recognized that hunger within you to know God. First Christian is a community of people seeking to know God too. You will find here a community of grace where the seeker is affirmed and is not forced into someone else’s box of beliefs.  You will also find at First Christian Church, that we are a community of servants. Our mission is Making Disciples Who Make a Difference, and we are making differences in the lives of people within our church family and in the lives of those outside our church. I hope you will learn a little about us on this site, and then come meet us face to face in worship, study, and service. May you find God’s blessings in your search!


Early Service:

  8:30 AM

Sunday School:

  9:45 AM  


10:45 AM

Children and Youth:

  5:00 PM

Spring Bible Studies

Magnet Bible Study (Thursdays 9-11am) Room 207 

"Follow" by Andy Stanley

Noon Connection (Thursdays 12-2pm) Room 205

"We Make the Road by Walking" by Brian McLaren

Church Calendar

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